Second Pre-Written Post from March

Aw nuts! I make granola for my breakfast and I buy giant bags of nuts at the natural foods store and then mix them together and put them into 2-cup bags for the freezer.

[I wrote this last month when I thought my website was about to be fixed but it wasn’t.]

Smells Like Nothing

On the third day after I tested positive for Covid, I realized I’d lost my sense of smell. I had kind-of been monitoring for that symptom. I was curious if it went gradually or if you just woke up and it was gone.

By the time I noticed, it was completely gone. I ran around smelling things and everything smelled like nothing.

But as fast as I identified this, I forgot about it.

Bob had some ricotta cheese on the counter that he was using for our dinner. I thought we had opened a while ago and smelled it to make sure it didn’t smell off.

“Smells fine,” I said, making a joke, but not on purpose.

Initially, a lack of smell is amusing. I sniffed vinegar and my favorite soap and the hand sanitizer we have that smells like tequila: nothing!

But also food tastes like nothing. Just stuff to chew for nutrition. That created some despair.

Bob got his Mustard of the Month supply (he gets it quarterly) and one of the mustards was Cherchies Banana Pepper Mustard.

I wanted to taste it and took a bite of Bob’s sandwich and even though I couldn’t taste anything, I could feel the chemical tingle in my mouth and on my lips. Science!

On Sunday morning Bob made bacon and if I stood over it and huffed, I could get a faint sense of bacon. Later, when he made dinner, I got a whiff of onion. I can smell very strong smells and have a hint of taste, so eating isn’t a complete waste of time.

Hopefully, full recovery is coming soon. (It took 2-3 weeks but it came back.)

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