First Pre-Written Post From March

February Snow

[This was written in March when I thought my website was fixed but it wasn’t yet.]

I’m back!

I did not expect to be away so long, but life events have conspired against me.

First is the Dad situation, which has been a nonstop journey with surges of hope together with disheartening setbacks.

As of this writing, things look like they are improving. The goal is to get him back to his apartment with assistance, and this may come to pass soon. We are finding it best to remain hopeful but also to see how things go day-to-day. (He moved back earlier this month.)

Meanwhile, we had a stomach bug that threw the house into disorder for about a week. At last, we reached the point where we were both recovered and able to eat regular dinner food instead of soup and canned peaches.

Then Covid came to our house. When Bob said he felt like he was coming down with something, I said: You can’t be sick. We were just sick.

I was wrong. He went down hard and surprise! He tested positive. Two days later I tested positive. I guess it was mild? For me it was only about 2 days of gruesome body aches, fever and crushing fatigue. But the coughing and congestion went on and on plus I lost my sense of smell, which was amusing at first but also kind of distressing.

We weren’t able to spend any time with Dad. I had been wishing I could spend some time at home and here it was: you want it, you got it!

Be careful what you wish for.

On top of all that, this website has been broken behind the scenes. There have been signs of trouble going on for quite some time, but I couldn’t deal with it and put it off until the situation became dire. Once or twice I poked around under the hood but the fix was things I don’t understand and I think I have shared before that my web-hosting support isn’t particularly supportive unless you already know what you’re doing.

It’s like if you took your car in and said it wouldn’t start, so they gave you a thirty-page document that internally references about 10 other documents and then stood back and waited for you to fix it.

It’s not a perfect analogy.

They do offer a paying option, but that’s if you want them to build you a website for $1000. I already have a website, I just need help making it start.

Bob found me a colleague who works on websites and if you are reading this, it means she successfully helped me get it all working again.

Hopefully, I will resume posting 1-2 times per week again.

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