The Only Workers Left

I spotted one last scraggly daffodil out under the bird bath. I thought I took a photo of it but I don’t see it on my phone so I must have just thought about it. Here’s a tulip instead.

I dug up a bunch of irises because they mostly aren’t pretty and a pain to weed around and when the flowers finally show up they only last about a week. But here’s some blooming.

There are slowly more people coming back to work downtown.

We have been the only business on our floor for almost 2 years.

Our floor was only half full before the plague. The building used part of it for storage and a non-profit had just moved to another location.

The tulips nearing the end. They are pretty for so long. Even when they are blowing out they are kind-of pretty.

Then there were 2 businesses left besides us.

The insurance people went completely to work-from-home and the finance bros already had plans to move into a building they bought.

Then it was just colleague and I. Mostly I like it. It’s very quiet.

But if an ax murderer shows up, and colleague is on travel, I will be on my own for survival.

We almost have the restrooms to ourselves.

Except, I don’t know how it works but somehow the word is out so people come to our floor to use the restroom.

Workers in the building, the UPS guys, people with shy elimination systems (?). Sometimes it startles me to see someone on our floor and I usually say hello. But it seems like people sneaking to other floors to use the restroom don’t want to be seen. They don’t say hi back.

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