All Birds Welcome

I bought another bird feeder — so now I have four.

The bird feeder store is a dangerous place. You go in with a thing in mind and end up with a nice man helping you load all your stuff into the car. I even bought “squirrel baffles” which the guy said would not keep squirrels out but would help with the rain.

Now my birds can stay dry while they snack.

See? It says Birds’ Choice. Is there a possessive apostrophe? I can’t tell. I hope there is.

I was disappointed that no birds showed up (while I was watching) for 2 days! But Bob said he saw Squirrel out there and the peanuts are gone.

Actually after I first put it out I was outside doing yard work and blue jay landed on top and checked things out but did not go for the peanuts. Is he really too big? The blue jays seem determined but maybe they don’t like this one. They still scare the other birds away when they pick up tidbits underneath.

They also appear almost instantly if I go outside. They know me as the lady who brings out the peanuts.

I have never attracted a hummingbird to a feeder. This is my third time trying over the past several years. I remain hopeful.

Progress report: project of forever, part 2 of 3:

9612 / 40000 words. 24% done!

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