I am enjoying my flowers but I keep forgetting to take photos of them. I ran out there this morning. Sorry about the less than artful light.

I thought the snow on Monday was going to smush them but not at all.

One thing I forgot to mention about my urgent care visit was that we probably spent more time talking about how I was going to pay than we did in the examination.

This particular place does everything over the Internet so I had to create an account and then scroll through endless long “read this and click agree” things that had to do with paying. Then input information about how I would pay. Then understand that no matter what, I had to pay.

Do you go to the grocery store, load up your cart, and then think: but do I have to pay? Why do we treat people seeking medical care like this? Keep in mind that my face is blown up, my eyes swollen almost shut, and everything itches.

Of course then after all that the final screen wouldn’t complete to make the appointment. I tried to log in with a different browser and that wouldn’t work either. So then Bob and both searched for a phone number.

We finally find a phone number and the whole thing starts all over again with me having to agree to pay and also give insurance information and also give a credit card and also agree to pay.

By this time, the appointment that I made was 15 minutes away and part of the routine was that if we were more than 5 minutes late the appointment would be cancelled and guess what?

We still had to pay.

I was not confident we could get there in 15 minutes so we had to reschedule.

We got in the car and got over there and of course there were no other patients there. It was first thing in the morning. When I checked in? Yup — insurance, credit card, agree to pay, agree to pay.

It makes me feel terrible for people to don’t have many resources for health care.

I paid. I am marginally better but still look frightful especially with my glasses off.

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