Apple Blossoms, Part One

If I don’t get around to posting on the weekend don’t get to it all. I don’t know why I am still constantly surprised by my schedule.

I always start out Monday and Tuesday with so much energy and optimism. My work day is extra productive and when I get home I exercise and maybe get some chores done.

Wednesday I start drooping. It’s not that I have no time, it’s that I have no brain juice. I come home and sometimes rally to go for a short walk or take care of something but more often it’s sit down and read before dinner.

By the time I get on the bus on Thursdays, I am beat. Especially if anything extra has happened during the week like a soccer match or insomnia. This week was a soccer match but it was super fun and hopefully I will post about it later this weekend.

Then Friday is often running around doing errands and chores I don’t have time for on work days and trying to collect enough brain juice to work on writing or administrivia. (I am planning to buckle and get Part 2 of the forever project going. I will put the writing meter on the bottom of this post but it’s not completely accurate because I have some chapters done but out of order so I’m not organized yet.)

But then another good night of sleep and by Saturday and Sunday I’m feeling rested and up for doing stuff.

Then Monday we start all over again and by Wednesday I surprised by how droopy I’m getting. That’s just how it is right now.

Part 2, Project of Forever, To be updated more accurately soon.

1000 / 40000 words. 3% done!

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