Apple Blossoms, Part 2

I still haven’t flipped my closet, partly because I haven’t felt like doing it but also I’ve been able to get away without it. I’m still wearing my warm stuff. Not complaining. I’d rather have a cool, rainy spring. Maybe this weekend.

I finished Sanditon which is a PBS show based on a partial Jane Austen manuscript. (Possible vague spoilers – but it’s a PBS romance based on Jane Austen, that’s 2/3rds of the story right there.)

I don’t don’t know how much manuscript there was. I’m sure this show has invented a lot since we just finished Season 2 (cliffhanger!) and there’s going to be another.

Also, I love it. It would be a fun experiment to see how long they could get away with coming up with new love interests season after season. I’m sure Charlotte has more sisters or cousins that could come in and there could be neighbor women or some device to have new romances all the time. But I love Charlotte so she’d always have to be in it.

I didn’t connect to Bridgerton in the first couple of episodes but I plan to go back and try again. It seems absurd that I wouldn’t love this show.

This week in the backyard we had zero visits from raccoons. It was all opossums and cats. We had an opossum with a heavy pouch a week or two ago so I’ve been keeping an eye on that but then this week we had an opossum and no heavy pouch. I need to read up on my opossum habits.

My plan is to move the camera out into the garden to see if I can gather more information. I am also thinking about buying a second camera — more coverage!

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