And Boy Was My Face Red

Bob read the weather forecast on Sunday night saying we could get a few inches of snow. We laughed. I woke up Monday morning and couldn’t believe it. It was a thrilling drive to the park-n-ride but so pretty. Long gone now. I’m not sure what set off the camera for this clip but I like the falling snow, especially in the background under the streetlight.

I thought I wrote about this before but can’t find it in the archive. Around the holidays I began having a mild rash on my face — around my mouth and eyes, and itchy hives on my neck.

In the last couple of years I have noticed my skin is more sensitive and every so often I have identified new products that gave me a little bit of itch. It always cleared up quickly.

I thought I’d identified the holiday problem, eliminated it and had no issues since.

Until this week. I used an old product I haven’t used in awhile. I don’t know what magical perfect storm transpired but I woke up Thursday with a rash and puffy eyes and it got worse as the day went on. When I woke up yesterday my eyes were almost swollen shut and my undereye bags are so puffy it looks dangerous.

Off we went to urgent care. I got some drugs and I’m trying to have a positive attitude but I woke up pretty much the same as yesterday and I’m uncomfortable and cranky. Sitting at the computer doesn’t feel great. Poo.

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