Commute, Sleep, and the Birds

The commute is kicking my ass — do I complain about that every other post? I need to get over it.

I was going to flip my closet last weekend. Dig out the open toed shoes and warmer weather stuff and put the winter stuff in the back. Except I looked at the forecast for this week and decided to wait another week. I took the lining out of my raincoat – maybe I should put it back.

I have a meditation app and it includes guided sleep meditations. Do you call that a meditation? I feel like being guided to sleep is different but I don’t know what to call it.

I was completely resistant to the idea. I expected that I would be intent on listening to the app which would keep me awake.

As usual, I was wrong. I have used it a few times when I felt wound up but needed to get to sleep. I’ve only heard the end of a meditation once. One time, all I remember is her telling me to get comfortable and take a deep breath. Next, I was waking up and hours had gone by.

During the pandemic I regularly visited and became completely invested in the California condors on the condor cam so I was pretty excited to learn that the Yurok Tribe has a condor restoration project. More info and live cam here.

One more bird thing: the Cornell Lab Bird cams. I love the Great Horned Owl and the red tailed hawks.

I took my bird feeders down because of the rain but the blue jay pair came out for some peanuts and one of them drank from the bucket, too.

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