Bring Your Milk Jug To Work Day

Beautiful winter day in Van Wa

This morning, at one of the bus stops downtown, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy holding a gallon milk jug as he waited for the bus. The jug was about half full.

I had a whole flash of thought process wondering if he had a place to keep his milk cold during the day? Was this a health thing and he needed to drink almost a whole gallon of milk? He was dressed for a construction type job. Perhaps he needed milk to keep his energy up. Mostly I was hung up on the refrigeration issue.

What a clever thing to do with found glasses. I hope the owner spotted them.

When I got off at my stop as I walked up the hill to my office building, a guy was crossing the street in front of me carrying two jugs of milk in each hand.

Again, a whole flash thought process: is there some sort of bring your jug of milk to work day? Is there a prank or flash mob thing? Will I be spotting people running around with jugs of milk today?

I bet construction guy was transporting his powershake for breakfast and I’m pretty sure the other guy was carrying them to the local coffee kiosk for the day’s lattes.

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