Oops. Time Stamp

I forgot that when you change the batteries in the trail cam, you have to reset the clock.

The camera went off during the day and took close to 500 clips of squirrels with some birds at the feeders mixed in. That’s not an exaggeration. There were almost 500 clips on the camera card. I went out and made the bed and folded a basket of clothes while they were downloading.

We don’t get a lot of crows in the backyard. I want to be a friend of crows but I don’t want to scare off my blue jay friends so I don’t encourage it.

This is a screenshot sampling of the thumbnails from my 500 clips. I deleted about 492 of them.

I haven’t seen a peep from the blue jays in days. Bob said one dive-bombed his head when he was taking out the compost.

I know they nest in the hedge next to the compost so I bet I know what they’re up to.

What an eco-system we have in that hedge.


I always say whenever I get a cold, I always get a cough that lasts a month. It feels like I’m exaggerating but it was 4 weeks from the day I went down sick, that I got through my first day without a cough drop. My body just loves to hang on to a cough.

All good for now. But I’m paranoid that my Fisherman’s Friend supply is so low. Only 2 1/2 bags. I need to stock up. Just in case.

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