That Is A Lot of Raccoons

This is cute but that’s a lot of raccoons for one yard.

I have some time off from work and in my mind I had all these long neglected projects and plans that I was going to do, like online classes, and tackle recipes I’d clipped, organize photos, read all that stuff I set aside for later.

Now we are here and I feel no urge to take care of these things. My new approach is to scrub all this stuff. Unsubscribe! Toss! Delete! Put in the donate pile! Don’t need to watch it, read it, finish it. It’s liberating but also, oddly, makes me angry.

Yesterday I rage-quit a subscription. Our household thinks journalism is important and we pay for a lot of stuff. One of my subscriptions for an electronic publication was due and the amount wasn’t anywhere on the dashboard. I know I signed up at a discount so I figured the regular rate was going to higher. But how do I find out? Why do I have to work for such basic information? I never figured it out. I cancelled the subscription.

I don’t think I ever summed up my final NaNo count. I just barely exceeded my goal. I’m not sure what to do with the project. Before I go any further I need to sit down and map out what I want it to be. But it was supposed to just be a fun for myself project but I still need some idea of where I’m headed.

17597 / 17000 words. 104% done!

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