Alone on a Saturday Night

It’s cold and raining. A mourning dove has been in our backyard for about 2 hours, first perching gloomily on the edge of the bird bath as if stood up for a date, later on the ground picking at a few bird seeds scattered about.

I was concerned that there was something wrong. I am not the kind of person that wants to rescue a wild bird. But I also didn’t want to leave it out there as it’s getting dark if it’s hurt.

I took the compost out and it stayed on the ground and gave me an aggrieved look before flying off in warbly huff.

I thoughtfully threw fresh seeds out for it. What was it doing out in the rain, all alone, on a Saturday night?

We had our family Christmas last weekend and near as I can tell, no one took a single photo. It was good company and good food.

But I’m not going to lie: I am very happy not to cook another turkey until next year. As soon as I finish this I am prepping the last of the leftover into a noodle casserole delight.

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