Same Old Grind

When I get tired of picking beans I leave them on the vines and at the end of the season everything dries up.

When I yank the beans out, I set the dried pods aside.

This year I had so many pods and I spent and afternoon sorting through them and look at all the beans!

I have about half this many set aside to plant next year and we are going to make these into bean soup.

I had a really cool pepper grinder but it stopped working right and would only product slightly crushed peppercorns that you would inevitably bite down on in an unsatisfactory way while you were enjoying your salad.

When my sister was here this summer she took it apart and took a peek and said it was kaput. Something in the innards was broken and it couldn’t be fixed.

She gave me this new cool pepper grinder for Christmas and it makes the most lovely freshly ground pepper. We have ground pepper on everything.

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