We Have A New Cook

Well, I can see how using this photo with this title is confusing. The photo is unrelated to the subject matter.

This is Noah, one of the next door cats. If Oakey is the cat who looks like he’s going to kill you, Noah is the cat who looks startled. The other morning I lifted the window shade and he was out on the porch, eyes wide, staring at me.

When Bob was getting ready to retire he kept saying that he was going to do the cooking. I was skeptical.

But he has taken over about 99% of the cooking. On the days I work from home he often makes me lunch, too. On the days he makes breakfast he offers that, too. I had a pancake and bacon yesterday.

He’s really into it, too, and looks for recipes and tries different things. He makes lots of vegetables.

One night he told me he’d found this recipe blogger and she was focused on making simple, healthy meals for her family.

I scoffed and said, “That’s ALL the recipe bloggers. Is her name Tammy?”

Her name is not Tammy and she does have an approachable style and anyway, what do I care? I get a big break from cooking. Even when I have an idea for something to make he’ll say: “Well, we still have some noodles and I wanted to mix them with that last bit of sauce I made, and use up the last of the ricotta. And tomorrow I wanted to thaw the chicken and use those peppers for fajitas. I also have those sausages that I wanted to fix this week but maybe after that if you want.

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  1. Kenneth says:

    I’ll send him links to my favorite recipe bloggers. None are named Tammy.

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