Sliding Right Off

At the end of the summer I bought new summer sheets for next year but I decided to try them out for a few weeks before I switched to the winter sheets.

I purchased them from a popular online source and I would describe them as very nice, cheap sheets.

I didn’t dislike them and they look sharp but they are slippery. Every night the duvet would try to slip off the bed. Sometimes it succeeded. I would wake up in the night and grab the edge of the duvet from my ankles and yank it way up under our chins to try to keep it up on the bed.

Maybe with a few more washings this feature will go away.

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One Response to Sliding Right Off

  1. Darren Freire says:

    This is so funny, when I got my new bed, I scored 1500 thread count sheets at WalMart, they had an imperfection so cheap. I washed them, used liquid softener and tossed in a dryer sheet. Went to bed and bed was nice and smelled great. But in the morning sat up, sheets were like ice and slick and I fell out of bed. I had to rewash them without so much softener

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