One Thing Leads to Another

I’m always on Bob’s case about putting things on the list so I know what to buy when I’m at the store.

He likes to leave me vague items such as, “mustard that I like,” or “good snacks.”

This week he wrote “lots of different squashes.” We like squash but don’t eat tons of it so I wasn’t sure what he was after but I bought something called a buttercup, another called turban, and an acorn squash.

Turned out he meant summer squash.

I had to include a picture of this giant beet I got from Orleans. I roasted it but we’ve barely made a dent in it so far.

I’m feeling run down at the moment so I’m not making any grand plans for NaNo or NaBlo this year. I’m still making plans just not overachiever plans.

I am the recipient of oodles of my mother-in-law’s recipes so the plan is to post at least one of her recipes each day. I will try to cook a couple of them too, for expanded posts. Yesterday I had a chance to go through a number of them and there were an astonishing number of recipes for “ham loaf.” That is definitely something I’m going to have to try and write about.

I’m working on a writing project, too, but I don’t want to talk about it yet so I won’t be reporting on that.

My dad gave up driving and gave me his car. As part of the deal, I am paying my sister for half so she has extra money to go towards a car when she’s ready. I have been driving a 2001 Toyota Camry since 2002. My dad’s car is a 2015 RAV4. I really love my Camry and have no complaints but that RAV4 is fancy nice.

The car came with five (5!) books not including the one in the glove box. There are two separate titles with “quick start” in the title. I thought most people didn’t read books anymore much less 5! I already had to open the one in the glove box because I couldn’t get the car to stop beeping at me.

We also got a piece of furniture from Orleans which necessitated moving other furniture and cleaning out things that I wasn’t planning to clean out right at this moment. I’ve still got several piles of things I’m trying to figure out what to do with. I’ll post a photo of the furniture soon because it’s epic.

Also from last year at this time, remember how our condiment shelf has broken more than once? Well, it broke AGAIN! Screw you Sears and your flimsy condiment shelves. It’s all duct tape from now on.

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  1. Kenneth Brown says:

    Persimmon cookies. The rest is commentary.

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