I’m Trying to Root For You, Sears

If you recall, back in March our condiment shelf on our refrigerator door broke. I eventually called Sears and the nice person on the phone found the part and arranged to ship it to me for about $50.

You can imagine my disappointment when my condiment shelf broke again, barely 6 months later. We could play solve the mystery about why this shelf keeps breaking but that’s not what I’m writing about here.

I called Sears again since I’d already done this once and the person asked me for the model of my fridge. I read the number I had in front of me and he said that wasn’t a model. I read other numbers that I had in front of me and he asked where I was getting those from.

From the little book that came with the refrigerator.

Can’t you just go look at the refrigerator? He described where I would find the model number.

No, I said. I’m at work. I need a job so I can pay for all these condiment shelves. Don’t you have it in your system?

No. He did not.

SEARS! It is 2018. There are online retailers who can tell me what I bought 10 years ago. You need to get with the program.

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