When The Dahlias Are Gone, It’s Really Over

Even last weekend the yard was pretty but by Tuesday it was in ruin. It’s funny how instantly the dahlias go dead after a freeze.

I’m going to start with Priscilla cookbooks and recipes tomorrow.

I’m still overextended and no extra brain juice for recipes this weekend. I will attempt to make a couple next weekend.

Bob received a snail mail solicitation from a yacht sales company. I don’t know why they think Bob is a candidate for a yacht. We left it on the kitchen counter for a long time because it was so funny,

Today is the twenty year anniversary of me working with this guy. I have very few photos of both of us and the ones that I have he looks like he’s in front of a firing squad. He is an excellent attorney but a terrible photo subject.

I don’t have a retirement date yet so we’re saying, here’s to another 4-10 years.

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