Finding the Fun Online

I very occasionally look at Craigslist ads for recreation. Don’t do this. It’s such a waste of time and no good will come of it.

One of my favorite ones was someone looking for a housekeeper. They wanted deep cleaning every single day–they had a whole list. You had to move furniture and climb under things and dust on top of things. Every day. Plus help with childcare, cooking, cleaning and errands and I think it was a flat rate like $400 a week. You could smell the crazy just from reading the ad. You knew these people were never going to be happy with whatever their worker did. I was afraid for anyone who answered the ad.

There was another one for a short term roommate and I get that when you’re looking for someone to live in your home, you have to have some rules. But this person had a very short time period, like three months, and limits on what you could bring into the house and when you could use the kitchen. You had to be quiet and not park your car close by and on and on with the rules. And the rent was above market. I wonder if anyone answered.

You can tell I’m running out of steam. Two more posts.

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