My Favorite Sweater

My favorite sweater for the past many years has been the Pendleton cardigan. I have worn 3 out. I have at least 4 in my closet right now. I wear a sweater almost every day of my life because I am cold when it’s cold outside and I am cold when it is air conditioned inside. My favorites are the merino wool because they are thin but still warm.

I haven’t had great luck with my cardigans the last few years. It seems like the colors were icky or the color I wanted was sold out. This year, I started early and I went to the new downtown store in October to get myself a new sweater. I did not have a good experience.

The new store is smaller and there were at least 4 people working there and they all seemed to be really busy doing something that involved avoiding customer service. When I asked about the cardigans they told me I needed to look at a catalog.

I stomped off in a huff.

Eventually, I commenced with a clicking exercise and searched around for cardigans online and found Woolovers. (wool overs or woo lovers?)

Check out all the colors!.

I almost bought 4 sweaters on the first go but I got nervous about the sizes. I bought a trial black sweater since my black cardigan is the one I had to retire. (For work use. It’s still fine to wear at home.) It just got here and it’s perfect. More sweaters to come.

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