My Loyal Lamp

I posted this photo on Instagram.

This has been my desk lamp since my Dad bought it for me in approximately 1978. I’ve moved it to every place I’ve ever lived since I left home. I still used it up until the day that it died last month.

I have never loved it. The shade part heats up really hot so unless it’s winter, you bake your face while you use it. It will burn your skin if you accidentally touch it when it’s been on for more than fifteen seconds.

That is a long time to keep a lamp you don’t like. And it never occurred to me to find a replacement.

It’s like there are two kinds of people in this world: People who want what they like and people who will deal with whatever they have as long as it works okay.

I was at Target and found an equally unpleasing desk lamp for $7 and I almost threw it in the cart. Except if the new one lasts as long as the old one, I’ll have it until I die. I should pick something I like.

(But also that’s a joke because nothing is made to last long anymore.)

Now I’m thinking of trying to fix it. There’s got to be a youtube tutorial on lamp fixing I could use.

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