Heavy Bags of Money

A few years ago I decided to round up all the little dishes and boxes of coins we have around here and roll them and take them to the bank.

The bank said: you don’t have to roll coin.

They emptied out all my rolls, brought me the empty papers and then put my coins in a machine.

We have accumulated a lot of coins again so I threw them in a bag so I could take them to the bank. I told colleague what I was up to and he, too, brought in a giant bag of coins. More than that even.

We merrily took off for the bank with giant heavy bags of coins. When we arrived, the bank said: we were the last [of this] bank in the country to have coin machines but we got rid of them a couple of weeks ago. You can roll them and bring them back.

We brought our heavy bags of money to lunch and then carried them back to the office and rolled our coin. We ran out and I went back to the bank and announced we needed more rolling papers.

In the end colleague turned in $124 and we had $71.

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2 Responses to Heavy Bags of Money

  1. Darren Freire says:

    Doesn’t your local market have a CoinStar Machine? Both my Vons and Stater Brothers have those change counters. You put your coins in and it counts them and gives you a receipt and you take it to the cashier and they give you the cash. Most markets here have some type of change counter machine.

  2. Darren Freire says:

    I was at the market yesterday and was getting some chicken tenders and the store manager came up to the clerk with a flier. That CoinStar Machine I told you about, now people are turning in $18 or $33 and taking the receipt and altering it and coming back hours later and getting like $118 or $233.
    People are so bad!!!

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