Ice Storm

I didn’t realize that my phone has a “square” setting and somehow I was taking square photos. I’m finally working on the tutorial book to go with my phone. I’m on page 42 of 121. My goal is to finish before the next ios comes out.

I had a little bit of extra time off during the holidays. The day before I was supposed to go back to work we had some snow. It was nothing to get excited about but more than was expected. Enough to be slippery on an incline but not enough to be dangerous.

Except overnight we had freezing rain.

Normally we would have worked from home except we’d been off from work and we were anxious to get back in because there were things to do. (‘We’ in this instance is Colleague and I.)

I decided to go in a couple of hours late. By daylight the temperature was slightly above freezing and people were getting around.

My car was so icy I couldn’t even get the door open. [Although later it turned out that I did manage to get it ajar and the battery died so we had to jump it that night.]

This was the last ice tidbit along the front walk a week after the snow.

No big deal. There are 2 neighborhood buses that would take me to the local transit center where I could catch an express bus downtown. I feel like taking public transportation should be a required class in school (where applicable). Once you’re used to using it, it’s second nature.

I bundled up and slip and slided down our street. Even big 4×4 trucks were skidding a little. Once I reached the first semi-arterial there were smaller cars getting along fine. The sidewalk was still icy and I was waddling. I saw the bus I wanted and it was only a half block away.

I waved and waddled but couldn’t move fast enough. This particular bus only comes every 50 minutes (I know.)

Luckily, I knew where the other bus stop was and waddled down to Main Street and caught that bus to the transit center and made it to the office about 2 hours late. Colleague couldn’t get out of his driveway and also had to take the bus.

By the end of the work day everything was nearing normal although it iced over a bit the next night and I had a THRILLING! drive to the park-n-ride.

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