The Crunchy Tooth Surprise Surprise

It turns out I didn’t break a crown. I broke a tooth. I don’t even understand what’s what in my own mouth.

The broken tooth didn’t hurt at all. Not with hot food. Not with cold food. Not with crunchy food. I wasn’t too concerned other than for my wallet.

I severely underestimated what was going on with this tooth.

I went to the dentist yesterday and yikes. The fracture was below the gum line. The fracture point was super sensitive and it took a few tries to get everything numb enough to grind it down to a nubbin. I was fairly distressed by the time we finished with the procedure.

It’s okay today. I have one of those funny temporaries right now. Historically I always lose the temporary in the first few days. We’ll see how I do this time. The instructions say not to worry if I swallow it. I’m going to worry if I swallow it.

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