Apples and Chard. In A Pie. Together.

In keeping with the theme for 2016, I tried a completely new recipe, like nothing I have ever tried before.

A friend of a friend gave me a recipe for a sour cream pie crust (this one is close and I’ve had it waiting until I was in the mood to make a savory pie.

Link to pie recipe.

The author set out to make it a dessert pie. We are not savory dessert people in this house so I made it with the idea that it would be more of a main meal dish. I had no idea what to expect and I loved it. My husband liked it more than I did. He came home late the night I made it and crawled into bed and whispered: I love that pie. I’m going to have more tomorrow.

The recipe calls for soaking raisins in rum and I didn’t think we had any rum so I bought the smallest cheapest bottle I could find. When I got home I found two other bottles of rum. It was time to clean out our booze cupboard. For people who don’t drink a lot of booze we have a lot in our booze cupboard although I think most of it is vintage. We have two giant bottles of orange curacao. Handy!

In other news, I finished the giant purge of my electronic photos. Now, instead of 7,000 pumpkin photos, I only have about 700. I hope I never regret that.

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