Stand Up

We loved our visit to the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia. I found this sign charming. It’s hard to see but it says, “The Rosenbach regrets that this locker is out of order.”

How long has it been since I complained about my phone? I got a new one which I hate less than my old one which isn’t much of a recommendation. I never finished the book about the old one but I bought a book about the new one. So someday, if I get time to look at the books, I may start doing this from my phone. Haha. No I won’t.

Mostly I avoid apps because I don’t want to expend the time and energy to learn to use them.

But I did get one that tells me to stand up every 45 minutes. It makes a little chime and I have to click on something. I spend so much time hunched over a keyboard I need the reminder. I use a different system at home. It’s funny how fast 45 minutes goes sometimes.

Depending on what’s going on, I sometimes will get up and stretch a little. Or get a cup of tea. Sometimes I forget that my phone is in the bottom of my bag and when I take it out, there are a bunch of reminders on the screen.

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