Who’s Ready for Yogurt and Sushi?

I am rapidly losing my ability to handle two or more things at once. Last weekend I was doing my bread baking while I was doing manuscript things and later while I was exercising.

On the baking day there are several timed steps which normally I can do in my sleep. You bake 30 minutes with lid on and 15 minutes with lid off. During my rush I set the timer wrong. Luckily, I could tell the bread wasn’t finished and I use a thermometer to check the final temperature. But there was a long moment of head scratching where I was trying to remember what the hell I did.

In my defense, I’m still a wee bit over extended. I should be back to normal schedule when I retire sometime around 2030.

And yes, it would be easier to buy bread but now I’m so used to homemade I can hardly eat store bought bread.

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