His and Her Reading Styles

We started subscribing to the New Yorker again a couple of years ago. I was always wary about it because a new issue arrives every week. You have to keep up or they bury you fast. Then it becomes a chore.

But I learned that the New Yorker is perfect for reading on the bus. My habit is to start the previous week’s issue on Monday and usually by Tuesday on the way home I can finish.

If I get behind, I skim. If I don’t like an article, I skip to the next one. No saving anything for later.

When I’m done I give them to Bob. This is his stack. In June he had a stack this big that he was aggravated about. He asked me if there was anything good he shouldn’t miss, as if I could remember. Now I put a Post-In on the cover if I think there’s an article he would like. He leaves it as a chore.

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