Still Life With Apple

Aren’t these pictures hilarious? I usually take photos on my kitchen counter and the light in there is awful. I turn on every light and try to get some daylight from the windows but the photos often come out leaving something to be desired.

It was sunny in the bedroom and I wanted to take a picture of this apple so I brought it in there.

Wow. So arty. “Apple with halo.” So to be clear, I wasn’t trying to do this, it just happened.

Ever since I read Michael Pollan, Botany of Desire I’ve been more interested in apples. There were two articles recently that caught my eye, The Hunt for the Billion Dollar Apple about cider apples and Beyond the Honeycrisp about new apple varieties.

When I tweeted these articles, Honeycrisp started following me.

I can’t say I love the idea of branded fruit but the apple in the photo is an Opal, and it is delicious. Bob and I love all the apple varieties. There used to be an heirloom apple guy at our farmer’s market but either we missed him or he didn’t make it out this year.

Day before T Day. I’ve got lots of prep to do.

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