Fixing Things

This isn’t really fixing something as much as using something old to do something new.

This is my old phone holder. I wanted a way to keep my phone around my neck since women’s clothes often have no pockets and there are situations, mostly involving soccer games, where I don’t carry a purse.

My new phone is much bigger. I looked around and couldn’t find a new strappy thing that I liked and this strap still looks great so I had an idea.

I can’t say enough how much I love Sugru. I have given it away to tons of people and no one seems as excited about it as I am. It’s a putty-like substance that you use to fix things. Once it hardens it’s water proof and really strong. I’ve fixed a drawer, a freezer basket, a lamp switch, a tea ball and many more things.

If you watch the videos at the link you will get tons of ideas. You can buy it at Target. It’s not expensive. Try some. (Disclosure: I am not connected with this company or product in any way other than liking to use it.)

Here I am getting ready to fix things.

And, ta da! Sure it doesn’t “match” but I don’t care about matching things. It’s very sturdy and now I can wear my new phone around my neck.

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