The Back Report

This morning we had 2 raccoons in the backyard. I couldn’t tell what they were up to but they did a lot of digging around the compost bin and the apple tree. I thought maybe they were looking for water but if that’s the best they could come up with, they aren’t very smart. They finally ran around the side and fiddled around at the side of the neighbor’s house before wandering off in the front. It was getting late, past 7am. Maybe they were weird because of the fireworks last night.

The good news is I’m at a solid 85% recovery on my back, maybe even better. I can bend at the waist and stand back up as long as I go slowly. There is one specific range of motion in my back that’s still only about 40% but it gets better every day. I’m still taking it easy but not despairing about the future.

Well not the future of my back.

The project of August is turning out to be more challenging that I expected. It may be be the project of Mid-August at the rate things are going.

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