A film by Cameron Crowe. Released September 1992. According to the wiki the film was completed in early 1991.

I’ve had these notes sitting here for months. I am a huge Cameron Crowe fan but I only saw this movie one time. I did not love it. I didn’t love Jerry Maguire the first time I saw it but it has grown on me since.

I saw that this was on cable and decided to re-visit to see what I thought watching it now.

I still did not love it.

The movie is set in Seattle and there’s a grunge scene plot thread and several bands including Pearl Jam and Soundgarden are in it (Or their members). As you can see from the photo above, I still own the soundtrack. I must have listened to it a million times because I remember all those songs. It includes Paul Westerberg songs that are probably among my least 2 favorite PW songs.

First, some historical tidbits since it’s hard to remember the chronology way out here in the future.

Pearl Jam released Ten in August 1991. Nevermind was released in September 1991. I always thought Nevermind came out first. It maybe be that Nevermind sold better first — I’m sure this is a researchable fact but I’m not doing any extra credit for this assignment.

It’s a single people finding love story and I didn’t like any of the people or care if they liked each other. I’m not sure if it was the performances or the characters but possibly a little of both. I kinda liked Matt Dillon – hasn’t he had an interesting career?

Here’s what I did like the second time through. Paul Giamatti. He’s in it for 10 seconds as “Kissing Man.” If you look at his bio it’s his third part after “Heckler #2” and “Larry Canipe.” Victor Garber and Tim Burton make brief appearances, too.

There’s also a bit where this woman is getting a video done for a dating service (who remembers video dating!?) and someone refers to Martin Scorsese as “Martin Score-seeze” and I sometimes use this pronunciation as a joke and I didn’t remember this is where it was from.

Finally, there is a subplot involving Seattle traffic. Crowe was so ahead of his time.

My next Cameron Crowe rewatch is Elizabethtown. I only saw that one once, too.

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