Turkish Delight

My mother-in-law makes these cookies – I have the recipe but I can’t put my fingers on it right this second.

They are no-bake cookies and I think it’s butter, sugar, butterscotch drops, quick-cook oats, butter, and sugar.

She made us a bunch and we were stuffing our faces. My husband finally asked me to share some with colleague.

I warned colleague: These are Narnia cookies – Turkish Delight.

I said: These are the best and worst cookies you’ve ever had.

Best because they are yummy, worst because once you have them you can’t stop thinking about them. If they are in the house, you are constantly bargaining: should I eat one? One bite? Half of one? They are so sweet. Maybe just 2 bites. I’ll wait until after dinner. Three bites.

It goes on and on.

I gave colleague his bag and then in the afternoon, in a strained voice asked: Aren’t we going to try those cookies?

After he tried one, he agreed.

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