Digging Machine

Look at this cute bunny that lives next door. I almost said cute little bunny but Charlotte is gigantic.

But so sweet and innocent. Actually, I think you can spot a little attitude in this one. Charlotte’s superpower is escaping from her cage. She escaped last summer and there were four of us running around the yard trying to catch her. She ran into the hedge and we all gave up. The next morning she was sitting at the door to her cage.

I don’t think we give rabbits enough credit.

This morning I noticed the dirt was disturbed in the pumpkin planting area. (No pumpkins planted yet). It looked like something had been digging.

What could it be?

Of course since I watch too many movies and read too many scary books, I thought it was something that could jump out of the hole and bite my head off so I approached with great caution.

These look like chewed up carrots. Hm. I think I figured out where Charlotte hangs out when she’s not at home.

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