Technology Is Needy

I don’t even use very many programs or apps yet all my devices (said with disdain) are like puppies, whining and whimpering because I need to do something for them. WordPress is totally needy. Please update now.

Update yourself. And there’s a little widget telling me that 7 other things need to update. And then my phone has a notice because some app that I still don’t even know how to use needs to be updated. Adobe Flash – I swear that thing wants to be updated every month and it always interrupts me when I’m right in the middle of something. And remember when I updated my operating system and now I can’t get Acrobat to work right?

Technology is like everything in life, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes a complete annoying pain in the butt.

So this is the garden. This is the garden with me having done nothing except bury a few withered potatoes. A lot of what you can see there is weeds and sunflower volunteers.

I’ve partially cleaned it up and will try to do it a bit more completely this weekend. I’m ambivalent about the garden this year. For sure there will be tomatoes and pumpkins. And I tidied up the raspberries but I’m not in the mood to do the rest.

I originally was going to talk about my lunch today but I was so busy at work I never got around to it. I’ve written about this before but when I bring my lunch to work I tend to bring way too much. I have a bunch of tiny plastic containers and I bring little bits of leftovers, hunks of cheese, crackers, nuts, cookies, vegetable wedges with pickles. Today I had hummus and Cheez Its. (Which I did not eat together.) I also bought a bag of those tiny tangerines and I had a bunch of those. I thought I could make this more interesting but now I’ve had a long day plus on my lunch hour I went on a big walk with a friend and now I am beat, body mind & spirit.

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