Tacos Make You Have Crazy Dreams

Mad Men is the only drama that Bob and I watch together. We decided that we would watch the series finale live so we wouldn’t have any spoilers.

Since I started using a DVR I have no idea when my shows are on. I watch them when they show up on the DVR.

I checked Mad Men and learned the finale would air on Sunday night from 10-11:15.

Who can stay up that late on a school night? I don’t even like to stay up that late on the weekends. Or ever. Even if something fun is happening.

Normally Monday night is yoga night and Bob goes to visit his Mom but we are swapping so we can watch tonight.

I have been having the craziest dreams lately. Sometimes a bunch in one night or sometimes just a really long one that goes on and on. And if you tried to summarize it for someone it would be like: I was at the movies but I had to go sit by the teddy bear but then I had to go to the bathroom and it was behind the candy buffet and there was a stream running in front of the doors.

Last night we had tacos so that explains the candy buffet dream. I also dreamed someone was flashing a light in the bedroom window so I would go answer the door. I thought it was a homeless man who wanted to sleep in our backyard but it was an Indian whose truck broke down and wanted us to sit in the truck bed.

Yeah. Tacos.

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