Today’s Showdown: Hazelnut Spread and Breadstick Convenience Packs

Here I am having Nutella & Go in 2010.

When I saw the Kroger spread at the market, I thought this would be a great side-by-side test. We even talked about it when Maggie and Christopher were here but never got around to it.

I did the test independently and in the middle realized I should be taking photos but was too lazy to go look for a camera because almost certainly I would have had to charge something or update something and I wasn’t in the mood for a technology project. I should also mention that I did the test on consecutive days since a girl can only eat so much much hazelnut spread in one sitting. So technically it wasn’t side-by-side testing.

Here are my unscientific results.

The Kroger one says it was made in Italy. The Nutella one says it was made in Canada but the breadsticks were made in Italy.

Kroger says it is 247 calories with 100 coming from fat. Nutella says it is 270 calories with 120 coming from fat. The Nutella version has smaller sticks and slightly more hazelnut spread. The Kroger breadsticks were chubbier which I liked but the ratio of spread to stick was not as optimal. I had to eat a whole stick spread free.

Overall they both tasted fine. Kroger was cheaper but I can’t remember how much. If you like hazelnut spread and breadsticks you can’t go wrong with either choice although if the spread is your favorite part, I give the edge to Nutella&Go.

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  1. Darren says:

    I have only eaten Nutella a few times and it was pretty good. Umm have you ever gone on YouTube and looked up Nutella Pranks? Pour some vino and sit back and laugh…

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