Pizza Factory

I usually wear my clothes more than once before washing. One weekend after my sweetheart had done about 4 giants loads that ended up being his clothes he came and asked me why I never had any dirty clothes.

And the answer is, I do. But not nearly the volume that he has. Plus most of my work clothes are dry clean.

This morning I put on this shirt and it smelled like it spent the night in a pizza factory. I haven’t been to a pizza factory nor have I made pizza or anything that smells like pizza. So this shirt has an exciting life of its own.

I can’t remember if I wrote about updating my operating system over the holiday. I still hadn’t finished educating myself from updating my operating system during the 2013 holiday. I’m not clear why we need to update things so often. If I could link to a New Yorker cartoon, I would link to the one that says: “Oh great. More innovative variations on things.”

Once I finished the book that guided me through the upgrade, I moved to my “using your new operating system” book and when I looked at the page that told me all the new things it could do I said: why would I want to do that?

Text from my computer? Start an email on one device and move seamlessly to finishing it on another device? (I typo’d that as “seemlessly.” There’s a joke in there somewhere.) When I’m searching my desktop I can get results from the web. wuh?

I like the tabs in the finder window. I’m only on page 14 of a 77 page book so there may be other things I like.

Progress on the Project of Forever:

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