Little Dogs

I haven’t been taking photos lately. Bob texted me the other morning to say that the sunrise was amazing so I ran outside with the camera. He was right. (He was on a walk.)

Not too long ago I complained about dog crap in my yard. Yesterday I saw two dogs in my yard. They were kinda cute little mutts running around sniffing all the corners. I went out there and they looked really hurt. I didn’t even yell at them like I do the cats. They ran away, which was what I wanted, but it would have been nice if they ran over to lick my hands and say hello.

I probably should have followed to see where they went. They both had collars. But I didn’t have shoes on and wasn’t in the mood right then.

My husband gave me this for my birthday. Everything should taste like this chocolate bar. They should make cookie butter out of this and cookie butter ice cream out of this. It was so delicious I am tempted to see if I can find a stash somewhere online except my pants are getting mid-winter harder to button so I will not.

In other candy related news, did you hear that Cadbury Eggs are now going to be made with crap Hershey’s “chocolate” – I know. I’m not going to buy them. I just saw the “mocklate” episode of Friends so I keep wanting to call them Mocklate Eggs.

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