Manatea for Two

I was missing my summer favorite berry and peach pie so I decided to try to make one with frozen fruit. We have lots of strawberries and blueberries that we froze ourselves. I bought a bag of peaches at the market.

I looked at recipes online and they suggested doubling the thickener to make up for the liquid released from frozen fruit. This was not a good suggestion. The pie is juiceless. Next time I would maybe use one extra tablespoon. (I use tapioca.)

I was also a little bit timid with sweetener, for no clear reason. I guess I thought the fruit got magically sweeter in the freezer. This was also a mistake. I’m afraid of things being too sweet but fruit pies taste bland without enough sugar.

Finally, the recipes recommended a much longer baking time. You don’t thaw the fruit first. This was operator error. I had it in the maximum time recommended and I thought it looked a tad under-baked but since I over-baked a pie last summer, I was nervous about leaving it in too long.

So overall, a decent pie and better than store bought, but lots to improve next time.

My sister is visiting and she brought me a manatea. Isn’t he cute hanging out? I hate to get it all gungy with tea but it will come in handy at the office.

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