Garden is Finished

Yesterday afternoon the light in the backyard was amazing. In the time that it took to get my camera it disappeared. You can kind of see it at the top of the photo.

I haven’t managed to get out there for a couple of weeks and there was tons to do. I dug a bunch of trenches and raked zillions of apples and leaves into them. I picked up a giant box of the prettier looking apples and I’m about to get started on my applesauce project.

That black mark in the bottom corner is Toes. He was doing his business in my garden and than ran over to say hi when I came out.

I told him: You can’t crap in my yard and then expect me to act like friends.

This is the flower garden part that still needs a lot of cleaning up. There are still a few dahlias out there but mostly everything is shriveled up and ready for the bin.

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