Living Off The Land

Here’s the results of yesterday’s project. I always make canning into a bigger deal than it is. It was somewhat labor intensive and made a lot of dirty dishes but it really isn’t that bad. I need to remember to start earlier because I end up bumping into dinner time.

I have enough apples left for one more pot of apple sauce that I won’t can. Then I’m going to be done with the apple tree. There are still apples out there but they get to be compost.

I thought I was so organized already doing Thanksgiving planning. Thanksgiving is already the weekend after next.

I’m sticking with traditional this year: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie (from pumpkins I grew myself.)

No yam dish. No rolls. Maybe. I love the rolls but simpler to skip and no shortage of food with the above.

I want a green vegetable and I’m feeling a calling for spinach so I’m going to dig through my recipes and see if anything pops out at me. 

I’m also probably going to make a chocolate haupia pie because three people really need 2 pies.

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  1. Lincoln Log says:

    I vote for Spinach Balls! I have a fantastic recipe if you want it.

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