Vacation Had to Get Away

I’m home.

I had a fabulous trip. Everything about it was perfect except for the last 25 miles of the drive home. There were two car accidents plus tons of road work and it took over an hour. Even the exit to my house was all orange cones for re-paving.

But before that there was awesome company, perfect weather, great swimming, tons of good food, delicious adult beverages, my favorite hike and probably lots I’m forgetting. I wished I had one more day but I was glad I was leaving while I was still having a great time.

I was so busy having fun I didn’t even finish one book.

Now I’m here. I harvested 5 tomatoes. I got green beans, cucumbers and squash from Mom. I’ve got the closest thing to suntan I’ve had in years. (The glare is off.)

And I’ve got a long weekend to enjoy before vacation is really over.

I have tons of email to go through. I probably owe you.

Also I have about 400 photos from this trip plus I’m way behind on Timbers photos. (I’m sure you’ve been concerned.)

Possibly more catch up later or I’ll sit on my butt tomorrow and enjoy goofing off. I’ll see how I feel when I wake up.

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  1. Marvin says:

    I’m glad you had fun! And I’m glad you got back before your ripe tomatoes took over the place.

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