Did You Hear That Screaming?

This is the plant that I grew from a seed I saved last year and knocked all the leaves off when I planted it.

Not now. It was last night.

I’m setting this to post after I hit the road on Friday.

This is the Early Girl.

I was doing a major watering so my sweetie doesn’t have to worry about it while I’m gone. I was crawling around because tomatoes like to be watered from the bottom and some pink caught my eye.

This is the German Lunchbox. And you know what? I had lunch at the German Deli today. Babe the pig added for perspective.

Then I took a closer look at all my tomatoes. The ripe ones are in the very middle and tough to spot. The same thing happened last year.

Yeah, home grown tomatoes. Stay tuned for me bitching and moaning about how I have too many tomatoes.

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