Fast Boring Update

This afternoon I wanted to send a friend a photo of Fonzie jumping the shark in response to the last episode of a show we both watch. When I did an image search, among the many Fonzie photos, it brought up a photo of the two stars of the show I was refering to. HA!

This morning I drove across town to pick up my mixer. It’s all fixed. Yay. And I already put it to work. Then I ran by Lowe’s to get garden stuff. There was a major accident on the freeway north of my off ramp. I didn’t realize what was going on until it was too late and it took a half hour to get off the freeway at my exit, the whole time watching all the cars and trucks smart enough to get off early.

I spent all afternoon in the yard. I still haven’t got the raspberry trellis fixed up. I couldn’t find what I wanted at Lowe’s and thought I could ad lib with something we already had at home but I couldn’t find that either. If I can get motivated I have another idea to try tomorrow.

I’ve got the entire easy side of the yard all put together. The tomatoes in the walls-of-water are doing fantastic. I found a cheeky snail in one of them gorging on the buffet. I put a stop to that. I’ve got peas coming up and lots of other sprouts.

The not-easy side of the yard is a complete disaster. I’ll chip away at it tomorrow.

I just updated my Flickr set with all the Timbers home games so far. Just in case you were missing that.

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  1. Lorelei says:

    Sounds like you could open “Pam’s Grocery”.

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