Master of Disaster

The other day I saw Mr. Oranges up in the apple tree digging his little paw around top there. I figured there must be something birdlike in there that he was trying to get into. I tried to sneak out to get photos.

I’ve read a couple of Julia Child related books in the last year or so. I read My Life in France and just finished a book of correspondence.

I’m sure I’ve seen snippets of her shows before, but not for years and years.

In fact, I probably have a better memory of seeing Dan Akroyd do Julia Child.

As soon as he saw me he jumped down from the tree and came over to say, Hi. Later I saw a bird sitting up there looking forlorn. Sort of like, “My wife is going to kill me when she gets home and finds out I ruined the birdlets.”

As it turns out, PBS does repeats and I taped one and Bob and I watched it last night. (There are shows online, too.) It was hilarious.

I very rarely watch cooking shows. I don’t have a lot of excess time for TV and I find it tough for me to watch cooking. I want to be doing it. Or, as usually is the case for me, learn by doing it wrong.

The episode we watched is from 1971, La Tarte Tatin, and I was surprised by how awkward it was. Julia knocking over the utensils and then the Tarte coming out (spoiler alert!) a big mushy disaster which she waves off and tells us how we’re going to fix it. But there is a pause where she’s disappointed that she can’t show us how pretty it’s supposed to look. “What a shame.”

Mr. Oranges feels no shame. I still see the bird flying around there so either the cat was unsuccessful or the bird is trying again or I am completely misunderstanding what’s going on in my apple tree.

It’s nice to know you can still find her out there. I already learned something from that one clip which is that it’s possible to make pastry a lot more casually than the way I go about it.

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  1. Lorelei says:

    What’s the casual trick?

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