Cure for Grinding

Downtown Portland on Snow Day. We’re on Fifth looking south towards Morrison.

The weather people were all in a lather last night about this late winter snow sweeping in from the north today and tomorrow. They said we might get up to four (4!) inches maybe more the two days put together. One forecast I read said, “This is 100% happening, people.”

When we walked back from lunch this afternoon I said, “I’d like to point out that not only is it not snowing. It’s not even raining.” A few seconds later it started raining and it was suggested that I shut up.

*Now* they’re saying the snow is going to start after we go to bed but we probably won’t get more than two inches of accumulations. And it would help if your house is on a hill.

I understand that because of the various mountain ranges and the ocean and the gorge that it’s tough to predict weather with any sort of accuracy around here but I also think that commerce thrives when people are worked up about something.

We’ll see. I brought some work that I can do at home if the morning commute is farked up but I expect to be at my station tomorrow.

Lunch at Karam. After they brought the food we remembered that we ordered this last time and thought it was too much. Plus this time we ordered extra falafels. No problem. That’s what leftover boxes are for.

I spent a few minutes trying to artfully take a photo of my new mouthpiece. Now that I’m ancient I finally have a retainer. But it looks gross so I’m not posting a photo.

I got it for a teeth grinding issue and I already think it’s great. I talked about it for a long time with my old dentist but I kept putting it off. I really like my new dentist so I finally went for it. Plus I think I got the impression that this was going to be a magic mouthpiece that would rejuvenate my entire head. I might end up disappointed further down the road.

I haven’t even worn it two weeks yet and already I’ve had two dreams where the mouthpiece was crumbling and I had to spit out the pieces and put them on the nightstand. Then I wake up and it’s fine.

Tomato sproutlets keep growing. I’m going to have to thin down to one sprout per container. I never thought they’d all do so well.

I’ve been putting off my garden stuff. Last weekend we had some clear but cold weather. I kept thinking I should get out and do something but now I have the excuse of the coming freezing weather. That stuff has to wait until after all the freezing is past.

I can’t remember if I already posted this but last fall I learned about a kind of pumpkin called a Baby Pam which obviously I am growing this year. I’ve been thinking of trying some other news things, too. I’m always so ambitious until the work starts and then my attention span shrinks.

This weekend is supposed to stay cold so I have a little more time with excuses.

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2 Responses to Cure for Grinding

  1. AEJ says:

    They postponed the hockey all-star game this year because of the threat of rain. So instead of a 1pm start it started at 7 or 8. All those hours later and it was still raining, but they started the game anyway and Mr. Weather Man said (actual quote), “It will only rain for another five minutes or so.”

    I hope he got fired. Who makes a prediction like that?

  2. Marvin says:

    LOL I was watching House Hunters and they were looking at places in Corvallis. Gray, gray, gray, and rain every day. Mold must grow absolutely everywhere. I couldn’t stand it. In Denver, and in the jungle, we get about 300 days of sun a year. It’s wonderful.

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