Best Windshield Wipers Ever

Mt. St. Helens

A couple of weeks ago I was driving around in a part of town I don’t know very well. It was night and rainy.

All my windshield wipers did was spread the water back and forth across the windshield.

“How did my windshield wipers go to hell so badly without me noticing?” is what I was thinking as I white-knuckled it home, following a red smear of taillights.

I checked my service records and it’s been almost a year since I took my car in. I don’t drive much and mostly short daytime trips so it would make sense that I didn’t notice the wipers were failing.

Signs of Spring

I figured I’d get the oil changed along with the windshield wipers and by the time I drove out they’d also replaced every possible thing they didn’t replace during the 90K service last year.

$600 windshield wipers.

I did a little bit of homework to see if I wanted to get a newer car this year but I like not having a car payment. Plus dealing with car salespeople takes about 10 years off my life.

I had to walk through the new car lot when I went back to the dealer to pick up my car. When they pulled mine up, I had to admit, it looked a little dingy next to the new shiny cars.

But now I can see when it rains. I love my new windshield wipers.

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4 Responses to Best Windshield Wipers Ever

  1. Kira says:

    I’m glad your new windshield wipers make you happy. I haven’t taken my car in yet to get the engine light looked at (or whatever is causing the engine light to freak out) but I’m sure I’ll have a similar story to tell. $600 bucks or so and the sense that all they did was change the oil.


  2. Marvin says:

    Try Rain-X… it works great. I figure if I spend $1000 a year on a car to keep it running, that’s better than $4000 a year for a new car loan.

  3. Hannah says:

    Hey, I was with you when you took those photos! They’re lovely. Great reminders of my visit and that spring is coming.

  4. AEJ says:

    And yet no pictures of the amazing wipers! Are they laced with gold? 😉

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