Fine Pork Sandwiches

I have so many notes sitting on my desk for things I wanted to write about. And photos. I am simply not able to bring my intentions into being.

Last week we tried The Peoples’ Pig food cart for the first time. When he handed over the sandwiches to the guys before us, one of them looked so deliriously enraptured I almost took his picture. It’s that kind of pork sandwich.

I got the arugula and lemon porchetta sandwich.

I was a little nervous because I have the digestive system of a woman twice my age and it generally does not embrace much pork product. The sandwich smelled incredible. I wish I could post smells.

It tasted amazing but was pretty greasy and I took my time and quit before I finished it. My digestive system cleared its throat once but otherwise did not complain so I wil be back to try it again.

The building where I work. (The pink one.)

Here’s a random collection of stories.

We were upgraded to Office 2010 at work which made me really grumpy. We’d previously used Office 1988 and at home I use Office 1972 for Mac. This was not a fun transition.

I have a lot to do at work and didn’t really want to take a time out for learning. I wanted to be able to just figure it out and I’m here to tell you that wasn’t always possible.

At home we have a subscription to which I have mostly used for Photoshop and Illustrator. They had a 1 hour transitioning from Office 1988 to Office 2010 which was awesome and fixed about 90% of my frustration.


I was telling co-worker a story and made a side remark about people who save and reuse aluminum foil. He asked: Do you save foil? I said: uh, uh, uh.

He gave me a scornful look that could cut marble.

I don’t save it all the time but if it’s a big flat piece that could easily be reused, why not?


I’ve written before about my renewed interest in gymnastics, even collegiate. This week I taped Florida (#1) at Georgia (#4). I made Bob watch the opening of it because I wanted him to see how crazy it is. The Gym Dogs came bursting out in a dazzle of light. Attendance was 9,800. They have cheerleaders. It is insane.

Bob agreed it was insane. And he even watched the first two rotations with me and thought it was fun to watch.

Yes, I am the same person who wrote a couple of days ago about making more time to write. Whatever. Go ahead, judge me.


There are so many ads for ab machines during gymnastics. Some of those gadgets are so ridiculous. There’s one where you make a circle that looks crazy. During gymnastics all the machines were crunch machines. I thought crunches were out and the new thing is planks and crazy variations like on a stability ball. Also does anyone really think rippled veiny abs are so great? Fortunately, not a problem for me.

I have the abs of a person who eats pork sandwiches.

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2 Responses to Fine Pork Sandwiches

  1. AEJ says:

    …and homemade KitKat bars!

  2. Marvin says:

    You have the digestive system of a woman twice your age? Well, don’t you think she’ll be wanting it back? Where did you put your own digestive system? 😉 (I am thinking of Samuel Clemens’ remark, that he has the heart of a small boy, and he keeps it in a jar on his desk.)

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